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Outsourced Back Office Solutions.

Over the years, we have met countless advisors who desire to build their own company, but simply lack the scale and resources to do it all. At Continuum, our sole focus is on serving you and your clients. We help you gain time and achieve valuable scale by handling many of the costly and time-consuming back-office functions, including Compliance, Operations and Billing, and Technology management. This gives you the necessary time and scale to focus on serving your top clients and accelerating their growth.

Technology to Optimize your Business.

Balancing your schedule to maximize efficiency is a continual challenge that can enhance or compromise your chances for success. Maintaining awareness and fostering good client relationships require effort – and technology. Continuum has made significant investments in leading institutional technologies to help advisors realize operating efficiencies, gain critical scale, and fulfill their true potential. With the AUCTUS platform at the center of your technology ecosystem, you have best in class technology for performance reporting, portfolio management, account aggregation, critical data analytics, and digital client portal. AUCTUS delivers a robust, fully integrated, end-to-end business management platform designed to streamline daily operations and deliver the optimal digital client experience.

World Class Partner Relationships.

Having the necessary tools and resources to service your clients is paramount. Extending those tools to build stronger relationships is just as important. Continuum has partnered with some of the industry’s leading organizations to provide you with access to the best technology, practice management, and investment solutions to help you build and manage your business. From trust services and marketing support, to coaching and business succession planning, you have the access to a wide range of resources from leading firms.

Transition Guidance.

The thought of moving your business can be overwhelming. At Continuum, our goal is to help coordinate and execute your transition with as little downtime and disruption as possible. Having managed countless transitions over the years, we understand that a transition is more than just accounts – it is people, relationships, and an experience that can be deeply emotional. We apply a focused and comprehensive process, working with you and your team, to understand the nuances of your business to ensure a smooth and thoughtful transition. Along with our partner firms, we provide tools and solutions for every step of the transition process, from e-signature capabilities to system training and support. We know how important your clients are to you and work to avoid disruption, allowing you to focus on your clients and their goals.