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Our Services

As advisors ourselves, we understand the headaches and needs of our business. We understand the value of time; and importance on spending it efficiently. Whether you are looking for just better investment solutions, or a full outsource, we offer a full menu of services tailored for your needs.

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Practice Management


We understand what it takes to run and grow a great practice. Having worked with many of the country’s largest and most successful RIA’s, we have unparalleled insights and experience in the industry. With Continuum, you have a true partnership. Whether you are a successful financial advisor with a bank or brokerage, a large independent advisory firm seeking to achieve the next level of success, or a small group of advisors seeking to set up efficient processes, our scalable resources and comprehensive practice management assistance will help you reach your objectives.

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Retirement Solutions


We have the resources and capability to help you provide retirement solutions to your business owner clients. This includes 401(k), 403(b) and any other type of qualified plan suited to the business based on its goals, desired tax-efficiencies and structure. Our turnkey platform provides a complete package of materials and investment analysis to that you can focus on educating and helping plan sponsors and participants to grow your business.

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Investment Strategy and Analysis


We have a team using proprietary tools which is dedicated to helping advisors analyze and understand investment solutions. Whether it is running a portfolio analysis on a prospect, or helping with a complex cash flow problem, our internal team is here to help you maximize time with clients.

Our investment strategy, analysis and portfolio management services are completely customizable based on your direction. If desired, we can also give you tools to help your clients integrate investments into their overall estate, tax, and risk management plans, including tactics for those with high net worth like wealth enhancement, transfer, protection and charitable giving. Creating globally diversified portfolios using the most up-to-date strategies is a challenge, and we can help based on your direction and your clients’ goals and risk profile. To learn more, visit our ASSET MANAGEMENT page.

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Client Service


Everyone in Continuum Alliance receives access to a dedicated team of client service specialists. These people spend their days helping you day-to-day—helping you get accounts set up, overseeing account maintenance, handling your reporting, billing, collections, and interfacing with client account custodians. Their support is invaluable in allowing your time to be freed up to work with your clients and spend your energy on research, developing strategies, setting goals and other things you want to do but haven’t had time for.

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Marketing and Thought Leadership


We offer white-labeled quarterly market reviews, white-labeled issue briefs, portfolio analysis / comparisons for prospective clients, and other miscellaneous supporting documents. We also provide marketing consulting services to help build your firm’s identity and brand. Through us and our partners, advisors can also get help with custom websites, high-definition video, email campaigns, social media and ongoing content. Through our relationships with other strategic partners, we can provide advisors with access to many of the most well-known and respected speakers, providing talent and content for client appreciation events.

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We provide our advisors with personalized coaching engagements. Our coaching team has over 20 years’ experience in helping advisors grow. These are typically 2-day in-person engagements, including extensive research/pre-work by the advisor (documents provided). Information from the pre-work is compiled and a Business Intelligence report is generated, serving as the foundation for the in-person engagement, including employee interviews. Action items and follow-up coaching is then provided, ensuring and helping the advisor with the agreed-upon action items. Our coaching helps the advisor grow both personally and professionally, and we provide a comprehensive and hands-on approach; there is no single answer for every advisory firm.

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Operations and Support


For our advisors that have their own technology, we help with client service, human resources, employee benefits and compliance. For advisors seeking to plug in to our technology and asset / investment management resources, we supply that along with an integrated CRM platform. Our technology provides you with more free time to meet with your clients, while our compliance and human resources team saves you money you might otherwise spend on legal, benefits providers and other professional assistance.

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The Alliance is a coalition of over 20 firms from around the country. As a member of the Alliance, you are part of a select group of wealth management firms. Although you remain independent, you also have the benefits that come with connection. The Alliance is a collaborative group that shares the beliefs and practices of a Continuum Advisor.

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Continuum was founded to provide both collaboration and independence. Each spring we hold Ideation, a multi-day conference dedicated to Continuum Advisors. This annual event brings together industry leading experts, the Continuum team, and the advisor community. It is a great opportunity for learning, collaboration, relaxing, and having a little fun. Continuum was founded because authentic relationships and a desire to grow professionally and personally; Ideation ensures these things continue.